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We specialize in working with governments around the world to create cutting edge cloud technologies that save millions over year by optimizing large activities such as roads maintenance, snow plowing, tax collection and citizen support.

Our vision is to help governments around the world to exponentially improve their work and people’s lives. We believe that we can play a major role in optimizing public services in a new generation manner forced by innovation and free experience exchange among all the world organizations.

Our digital government services use cloud module technologies which allow organizations to easily manage and custom their needs or learn from each other experience and data. Public institution can choose use the module functionality of other institution or have a different piece of functionality.

We focus on reducing reliance. Our services are build behind open data principles and can easily be integrated in any existing architecture.

Our products

explore a world of intelligent technologies in transportation

Surface AI

collecting and analyzing road roughness data using machine learning technologies


electronic command & control center platform for snowplow fleet

Roads Passport

Sophisticated asset management system for road network management

Roadworks Planner

resources planning and project management for large scale roadworks projects


system designed to create, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present geo-spatial data


ANPR and visual profiling system for efficient traffic monitoring


Autonomous aerial monitoring system using drones and micro port stations

Billing & Charging

Allowing smart accoun ng by providing nancial tool for custom billing and charging cases


Service desk system tailored for government-to-people service


Data analysis and reporting system for road data


Autonomous speed and vibrations tracking app that guarantees your safety on the road